How important is hard work…really?

I will never forget the day my father drove home his beautiful yellow Porsche for the first time.  My brothers and I just stood there with our jaws wide open until my father pointed out his favorite part of the car - the license plate - that read "HRD WORK". But how important is hard work, really? Hard work has always been a pillar of my upbringing but the day he brought home that car … Continue reading How important is hard work…really?

Just keep fighting…

Countless times in my life I have found myself questioning my capability to make it out of the difficult situations in which I have found myself.  If it wasn't for the incredible people in my life, it's fair to say I wouldn't be here today to write this post.  But that's not because they fought those fights for me; its because they gave me the strength to not give up.  That's what life is about; … Continue reading Just keep fighting…

Yesterday was the last day of the old you!

If you struggle implementing change in your life than this post is for you. I can't count how many times I've told myself I would start making changes in my life tomorrow.  I'll start going to the gym tomorrow, I'm too tired today.  I'll start eating healthier tomorrow, this junk food tastes too good today.  I'll start studying more, trying harder, doing better....tomorrow because today just isn't right.  But what I have come to realize … Continue reading Yesterday was the last day of the old you!

It Depends Where You Look

Not everyone will treat you with respect.  Most people don't follow the golden rule.  People lie, cheat and steal without regard to how their actions may impact others.  Some people will use you as a stepping stone to get ahead in life and then push you to the curb and sometimes, you do everything right and things still don't go your way.  When it comes down to it, life is challenging and it often appears … Continue reading It Depends Where You Look

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