The Progress Pyramid! (My strategy for accomplishing goals -4 minute read)

School sucks.  I never liked it as a kid, but I randomly found that I loved "reading" about how the pyramids were built.  Brick by brick, year after year, these incredible structures were constructed by hand.  No fancy machinery - just grit and dedication.  What fascinated me the most was that thousands of years later - they stand stronger than ever.  It took years to build a single pyramid.  In today's world, most people set a … Continue reading The Progress Pyramid! (My strategy for accomplishing goals -4 minute read)

If I Fight, You Fight.

If you've ever been close to giving up when life gets tough, this post is for you.  I like to think of myself as a pretty resilient guy after all that I have been through but being resilient only gets you so far in life.  Being resilient allows you to bounce back and withstand a beating but it's not enough to survive the world we live in.  You must surround yourself with good people who … Continue reading If I Fight, You Fight.

Perfection is boring!

Life would be so boring if perfection existed. I believe that if you spend your life chasing perfection, you will never truly feel fulfilled because fulfillment comes with the recognition of progress.  If we were perfect, progress wouldn't exist.  If everyone was the best of the best in every aspect of life, change and development would be non-existent. Getting better is what fuels ambition.  One of the most exciting parts of life is realizing how … Continue reading Perfection is boring!

Puzzles Suck

Kelsey Rose loves building puzzles but they scare the shit out of me.  Puzzles have no method.  It's just pure chaos.  There are no instructions.  You just dump all of the pieces onto the table and begin picking up random ones until you find what you are looking for.  Trial and error is the only way, literally flipping one piece at a time.   The final picture of what the puzzle will look like is … Continue reading Puzzles Suck

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