Be Ambitious

When I left for the military, I was afraid of two outcomes.  The first fear was the most familiar to me, the fear of what life would be like if I failed.  I remember wondering, what happens if I hate being a soldier and it's not what I thought it would be?  Leading up to the day I left for the Army, I had nothing to show for myself.  I had failed at nearly everything … Continue reading Be Ambitious

Ball and Chain

TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. challenges us to do what is necessary for our personal growth and development, even when it’s the most difficult.  It requires us to face the things in life that present the biggest challenges instead of pushing them aside to deal with later.  Whether those challenges exist in the past, present or future; we must be willing to acknowledge their existence to prevent them from being our ball and chain.  We either acknowledge them … Continue reading Ball and Chain

The Kelsey Rose Playlist

In a few hours I will I marry the woman of my dreams.  Honestly, I can't believe it.  I never thought it was possible to love someone the way I love her.  But it hasn't always been easy.   The long distance relationship with Kelsey Rose was no walk in the park.  Three and a half years we spent apart, nearly half of our relationship so far, and two of those years we spent separated … Continue reading The Kelsey Rose Playlist

Create Your Hero

Think back to your favorite childhood hero.  Whether it was a comic book super hero, an athlete, actor or actress, family member, etc.  What was it that you admired about that person?  Was it their wealth and prestige?  Was it the glory of being in the spotlight?  Was it the way they lived?  Was it a personality trait or the way they carried themselves?  Whatever it was, big or small, something drew you to them.  … Continue reading Create Your Hero

I hate reading

Somehow I have written two books, but I absolutely hate to read.  Ask anyone who knows me well enough, and they will confirm that for the majority of my life, I hated reading.  Yet somehow, I have a bookshelf with 89 books that I have read since I left the military a few years ago.  Yes, I actually counted all of the books on my shelf when I was writing this post because I wanted … Continue reading I hate reading

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