Secrets from Strangers!!

The ALS walk is tomorrow! I have already raised over $350 for the ALS walk from book sales of my newest book, Secrets from Strangers! For every signed book purchased through the link below, I am donating $5 to our team, #RallywithNatale's fundraising effort! Click the link below for a full description of the book, reviews of the book, coupon codes for discounted purchases and to get your copy! Enjoy the book! Timothy A. … Continue reading Secrets from Strangers!!

Train your Brain

This is a post about how we can train our brain to directly impact our likelihood of success (5 minute read)!We often don’t realize how important the words we choose to use are.  More specifically, when we fill our lives with ambition and goals, we must choose words that are conducive to accomplishing what we set out to achieve.  We must train our brains to think positively and use words that are motivating and encouraging.  Contrary to … Continue reading Train your Brain

Life is like art class…

I sucked at art growing up but somehow I always got an A.  For those of you who knew me growing up, I didnt get many A's in school.  Art and Gym, that was about it.  I loved doing the art, I just wasn't good at it.  I rememebr turning in projects and cringing anticipating a failing grade just to be suprised by another A.  I quickly realized that I was never judged or graded on … Continue reading Life is like art class…

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