Who are our “Leadership Proteges” vs. our “Serial Complainers”?

One of the most valuable lessons I've come to learn as a leader is that in the moment when the members of your team stop coming to you with their problems, you have failed them as the leader... Allow me to explain... Most of you leaders would probably agree that one of the worst parts of leadership is having to deal with the "serial complainers" on our teams.  You know, the people who find problems … Continue reading Who are our “Leadership Proteges” vs. our “Serial Complainers”?

A letter to my fallen brother

Dear SSG Stan, I will never forget that week we spent on that hilltop in Hungary.  Your crazy ass thought it would be an awesome idea to park a "humvee" on top of a hill and live out of it for a week.  We had barely any food, it was freezing cold, we lived out of a crappy truck, and had a radio going off 24/7...but somehow we had the time of our lives... We … Continue reading A letter to my fallen brother

How well do you budget your time?

(Five minute read about how to better manage your time!) One of the hardest skills to master in life is the ability to budget effectively.  Agreed? When it comes to budgeting money, the hardest part is controlling the spending.  There always appears to be infinite options for what to spend it on but there never seems to be enough of it to spend.  It's hard to pick and choose what's worth our money and what … Continue reading How well do you budget your time?

The secret to resolving conflict…

I love when people ask me why I studied conflict management in college.  My answer is typically pretty simple; if there's one constant in life, it's that conflict is inevitable.  No matter where we look, there's conflict.  We face conflict at work, conflict at home, conflict in our relationships and with friends, and we face internal conflict within ourselves.  We can't escape it; we can only become better at handling it and managing how it … Continue reading The secret to resolving conflict…

Quitting is only hard the first time

If you start something - you finish it.  That is a lesson that most of us learned growing up.  Whether it was a sports team, after school program, yard work - it didn't matter.  My father told me, "When you start something, you finish it - no matter what". Of course as a kid, I hated that.  Kids get bored easily, especially when things aren't going their way and very rarely did things go my … Continue reading Quitting is only hard the first time

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