Who is Timothy A. Natale, really?

Tim grew up in a wealthy family with every opportunity in the world available to him but spent the majority of his young adult life throwing those opportunities down the drain…

In 2013, Tim made a drastic change to leave that lifestyle behind and to enlist in the Unites States Army.  Finding your personal purpose in life is challenging and for Tim, it took joining the Army to find his.  Being a soldier was Tim’s childhood dream and the time he spent in the military changed his life forever.  He learned what it meant to live a life for others, to be reliable, to work as a member of a team and most importantly, what it means to be a leader.

In 2016, after just three and a half short years in the Army,  Tim severely injured his spine on a NATO support operation in Eastern Europe.  After eleven months of intense rehabilitation and his first two back surgeries, Tim was medically discharged from the United States Army and sent back to the civilian world to start over…

But during his recovery, Tim had an important realization.  He had been given an invaluable new perspective on the value of life.  Combined with the lessons he learned throughout his time in the military, Tim saw an opportunity to share what he had learned with the rest of the world.

Now, after three surgeries on his spine and years of rehabilitation, Tim uses his disability and the obstacles he has faced to inspire people. Tim found his new calling in writing when he published his first book, Reflections from the Man in the Mirror, shortly after his discharge. This book shares the incredible people in Tim’s life and the lessons they have taught him along the way. This book relives Tim’s incredible journey from a spoiled rich kid who dropped out of college to his enlistment in the Army and the injury that brought him back home.

In 2019, Tim published his second book, Secrets from Strangers. This book relives 18 life changing encounters Tim had with complete strangers and a valuable perspective that has helped Tim find happiness and fulfillment in a life full of obstacles and challenges.  Tim’s disability has allowed him to slow life down enough to truly appreciate the world around him and this book is his way of sharing that perspective with the world.

In addition to writing his two books after he returned home, Tim wanted to learn more about people and how to help the world find better ways to work together.  This led Tim to complete his bachelors degree in Conflict Management and his Master’s degree in Leadership.  These studies combined with his military experience and the life lessons he’s learned have given Tim the inspiration needed to write his blog posts on this website about leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and countless other inspirational topics.

Recently, Tim started a Youtube channel to create inspirational videos to share with the world!  Check out some of the videos and subscribe to the channel for inspirational content every week!

This is only the beginning for Tim.  He’s already working on his third book and looks forward to sharing it with you all soon!

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Both of his book(Secrets from Strangers and Reflections from the Man in the Mirror) are available on Amazon and in the shop in the main menu on this website!

For more information about Tim or questions regarding his content, books or speaking, you can email him @ timothynataleauthor@gmail.com.



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