Yesterday was the last day of the old you!

If you struggle implementing change in your life than this post is for you.

I can’t count how many times I’ve told myself I would start making changes in my life tomorrow.  I’ll start going to the gym tomorrow, I’m too tired today.  I’ll start eating healthier tomorrow, this junk food tastes too good today.  I’ll start studying more, trying harder, doing better….tomorrow because today just isn’t right.  But what I have come to realize is that never works

In fact, waiting until tomorrow to take action on something we could have started today sets us up for failure.  By procrastinating, we train our brains to make excuses.  We convince ourselves that tomorrow we will be more motivated for change but that’s often not the case.  Most of us have become so good at lying to ourselves that procrastination becomes a life long game.  Each day that we put something off it becomes harder and harder to start.  We convince ourselves that tomorrow will be better when in fact, now is the perfect time!

We assume that we’ll have the same chances tomorrow that we have today which goes against my fathers ultimate lesson:

opportunity is like a sunrise, if you wait too long you’ll miss it.

The truth is, there is no guarantee that tomorrow will hold the same opportunities that are held today.  Most often as we go through life, we realize we are given one chance at something.  Once chance at a starting position on a sports team.  One chance at the job interview of our dreams.  One chance at a relationship and one chance at life!  Anything more than that is a blessing!

Sure, maybe eating healthier can wait until tomorrow but maybe it can’t.  Maybe the one day difference is of little significance or maybe it means all of the world.

I believe that is a matter of perspective…

If there are changes that you want to make in your life it must start today.  Yesterday has to be the last day of the old you.

By: Timothy A. Natale


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