How Ultimate Fail Videos Changed My Life! (A post about self care)

There often seem to be more tough days in life than easy ones.  If you are anything like me, there have been countless days where you've come home from work, school, and life in general and feel completely overwhelmed.  Some people just carry on with life without decompressing after a tough day, but I have come to realize that without proper self-care, the stress of life will eat you alive. Now, here is where I am … Continue reading How Ultimate Fail Videos Changed My Life! (A post about self care)

Secrets from Strangers!!

The ALS walk is tomorrow! I have already raised over $350 for the ALS walk from book sales of my newest book, Secrets from Strangers! For every signed book purchased through the link below, I am donating $5 to our team, #RallywithNatale's fundraising effort! Click the link below for a full description of the book, reviews of the book, coupon codes for discounted purchases and to get your copy! Enjoy the book! Timothy A. … Continue reading Secrets from Strangers!!

Who really benefits from forgiveness?

One of the most difficult parts of life is moving past the pain and hurt that someone else has caused us.  It's often hard to let it go because we want apologies and answers for the scars left behind.  We want to know why they caused us pain or how someone could hurt us so easily.  But more often than not, we never get the answers we are looking for. It's completely rational to want answers … Continue reading Who really benefits from forgiveness?

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