Second chances are more valuable

Sometimes the value we find in something is determined by how hard we worked to get it.  Not always, but sometimes.  That is why I believe second chances are so much more valuable than the first.   I have fought like hell for the second chances I have received in life.   Imagine pouring your heart and soul into something but falling short and looking up to see you have been provided another shot at … Continue reading Second chances are more valuable

Word is Bond

My word is my bond.  That’s a vow of honesty and reliability to those in our lives that if we say we are going to do something, we do it.  No questions asked.  No backing out.  This is where resiliency comes into play.  Keeping our word doesn’t mean we can't make mistakes, but we must be resilient enough to pick ourselves back up each time we do to try again.  The hardest part of keeping … Continue reading Word is Bond

The difference between you and them

A few days ago, I heard someone say "I treat people accordingly".  The context was that you should treat people according to how they treat you.  If people treat you with respect, you respect them.  If they are selfish, you return the favor and act selfishly.  If they cheat, you cheat.  An eye for an eye of sorts.  I understand this theory because I've tried living it myself for quite some time.  There is no … Continue reading The difference between you and them

Work Backwards

In order to grow, we must identify what growth we are looking for.  What is it that inspires us?  What are we looking to achieve throughout our lifetime?  That’s a hard question to answer, right? The sixth principle of TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H.  requires us to pour our heart and soul into everything we do, but that can be difficult without the sense of fulfilment that is associated with personal purpose.    Let’s try a new way … Continue reading Work Backwards

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate

As life gets challenging it's common to second guess ourselves and the road we are on.  When life gets tough, we begin to question our capabilities and whether or not we should adjust our course to take an easier path.  As rational beings, our instincts draw us to the path of least resistance but we must decide if that's where we want to be. When those difficult times present themselves, we must ask ourselves why … Continue reading Sometimes we need to re-evaluate

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