You’ve been lied to. Here’s the real formula for success…

If we want to succeed in life then all we need to do is just put our heads down and try really hard to produce the results we want, right?  Unfortunately it’s not that simple and here’s why…

If it were that simple that would mean the formula for success would look something like… Hard work = Success, right?


Unfortunately, as I am sure many of you have also realized throughout your experiences in life so far, finding success is more complicated than that simple formula.

We can work really hard and still fall short of our goals.  But why is that?

Before we get started, there is no denying that hard work and dedication are the core of any success journey but they are often not enough to lead us to success by themselves.  Contrary to popular thought, hard work doesn’t produce results. It’s hard work combined with other fundamental components that really get the ball rolling and that simple formula for success is missing a few more important components…

For starters, the first missing piece is The Desire to Learn.  How effective is hard work if we are not targeting our hard work in the right areas? And the reality is, we all know less than we think we do. Although I like to tell myself I’m pretty smart, I’ve come to realize just how little I actually know. There is always more that can be learned and we need to combine our hard work with the desire to learn to truly start accelerating our journey towards accomplishment.

Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t put the cart before the horse”?  Meaning don’t mix up the order and do the wrong things first…

If we are ambitious and hard working, sometimes we get so excited to get to work that we unknowingly put the wrong things first. Sometimes we start working hard before we know what we’re doing or if we are working hard in that right areas which is why the desire to learn is so important.  We need to learn the right way to do things before we start working hard.

If we don’t take the time to learn first and we just dive into grinding away towards our goal, we risk misplacing our hard work and just spinning in circles.

This year when I set my goal to lose 25 lbs I went right to work.  I was exercising everyday like crazy and working really hard to try to lose some weight but it wasn’t working.  So what did I do? I just started working harder.  Instead of working out just once a day I moved to twice a day but the damn scale never budged…

Then one day I thought to myself, “Obviously I am still doing something wrong…”

This is where The Desire to Learn came into play. I read an article about how to lose weight the right way and I realized I wasn’t losing any weight because despite my hard work in the gym, I wasn’t dieting at all.

That night I ordered three books about dieting, nutrition and weight loss so I could try to figure out what I was missing. I took the next week off from working out so I could focus on learning about how to lose weight the right way.  Then over the next four weeks, I adjusted my diet and got back to working hard in the gym and the results were staggering.  I lost 12 lbs in three weeks and felt great.

What’s the lesson in that?

Learning provides us the foundation for success because it teaches us where to focus our hard work and effort.  Had I just kept busting my butt in the gym without dieting I likely would have never lost a pound and just grown frustrated which is when most people give up.

But since I took the time to learn how to do it the right way, I was able to refocus my effort and hard work towards what would give me the results I desired and it worked.

This leads me to the second major component missing from our initial success formula; discipline. Once we have educated ourselves and begun our journey of hard work and dedication, we must remain disciplined and not fall into the distraction traps all around us.  We must also identify what works best for us to remain focused and to make sure our goal remains a priority.

Once we have learned what we need to work hard at, we need to create a plan and stick to it! Day in and day out, we must remain disciplined enough to continue to show up and put in the work necessary to succeed. This means not making excuses for why today isn’t a good day or procrastinating to put off todays work until tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day.  Once you make an excuse just one time, it becomes so much easier to do it again and again.

In my goal to lose 25 lbs, discipline is what kept my diet clean and my exercise routine at the top of my priority list.  Discipline is often the driving component of this formula and without it, leads many people to fall short of true accomplishment.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even Hard Work, The Desire to Learn & Dedication still isn’t enough. There are two more major pieces of our formula that play a vital role in our ability to succeed.

The first being Ambition.

Ambition is what keeps your heart pumping and longing for more.  It’s why fills your eyes with stars when you see something you want and it’s what drives your to pursue more just moments after you got your first taste of success.

The final piece to our puzzle is Perseverance.

It’s inevitable that we will face challenges and adversity in our pursuit of success.  It is not a matter of if we will struggle but when

This is where Perseverance comes in.  Even dedication isn’t enough.  Dedication keeps us showing up but perseverance is what helps us find strength to get back up and keep fighting when we feel like giving up.

It’s only when we add up these 5 components together that we see exponential growth in ourselves and our ability to find success.

Give it a shot. I dare you.

New success formula:

Hard work + The Desire to learn + Dedication + Perseverance & Ambition = True Success

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