Perfection is boring!

Life would be so boring if perfection existed. I believe that if you spend your life chasing perfection, you will never truly feel fulfilled because fulfillment comes with the recognition of progress.  If we were perfect, progress wouldn't exist.  If everyone was the best of the best in every aspect of life, change and development would be non-existent. Getting better is what fuels ambition.  One of the most exciting parts of life is realizing how … Continue reading Perfection is boring!

Be Ambitious

When I left for the military, I was afraid of two outcomes.  The first fear was the most familiar to me, the fear of what life would be like if I failed.  I remember wondering, what happens if I hate being a soldier and it's not what I thought it would be?  Leading up to the day I left for the Army, I had nothing to show for myself.  I had failed at nearly everything … Continue reading Be Ambitious

I hate reading

Somehow I have written two books, but I absolutely hate to read.  Ask anyone who knows me well enough, and they will confirm that for the majority of my life, I hated reading.  Yet somehow, I have a bookshelf with 89 books that I have read since I left the military a few years ago.  Yes, I actually counted all of the books on my shelf when I was writing this post because I wanted … Continue reading I hate reading

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate

As life gets challenging it's common to second guess ourselves and the road we are on.  When life gets tough, we begin to question our capabilities and whether or not we should adjust our course to take an easier path.  As rational beings, our instincts draw us to the path of least resistance but we must decide if that's where we want to be. When those difficult times present themselves, we must ask ourselves why … Continue reading Sometimes we need to re-evaluate

Welcome the Critics!

Some people think I'm crazy because I welcome critics into my life with open arms!  Why?  Because they give me fuel that I couldn't find anywhere else.  All I need is to hear someone tell me once that I can't do something and it lights a fire under my ass like I couldn't explain.  Tell me I'm not good enough and watch what happens.  Just tell me once that something I'm pursuing is out of … Continue reading Welcome the Critics!

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