Welcome the Critics!

Some people think I'm crazy because I welcome critics into my life with open arms!  Why?  Because they give me fuel that I couldn't find anywhere else.  All I need is to hear someone tell me once that I can't do something and it lights a fire under my ass like I couldn't explain.  Tell me I'm not good enough and watch what happens.  Just tell me once that something I'm pursuing is out of … Continue reading Welcome the Critics!

Just Take A Step

We teach ourselves a very important lesson as babies without even realizing it.  We crawl until we learn to walk.  We walk until we learn to run.  We run until we learn to sprint.  Regardless of how ugly our first steps may have been, without them we would never learn to walk, run or sprint.   I  know that once set my sights on something, that's it.  It doesn't matter how long it takes, I … Continue reading Just Take A Step

Fear Is Real

The old cliche that "fear is not real" has never sat well with me because I couldn't disagree more.  Fear is very real and it's everywhere.  It can accompany a lot of the obstacles that we face throughout our lives and make overcoming those obstacles that much more challenging.  Fear can bring even the strongest people to their knees but can also be molded into a powerful tool if we decide to face it head … Continue reading Fear Is Real

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

I love looking back on my life and noticing the growth in took to become who I am today.  Some parts of my past are challenging to relive but also remind me of how capable I really am.  I look back at moments that I never thought I would make it past, but here I stand.  I have overcome more than I ever thought possible.  We often don't give ourselves enough credit for what we … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

The Best Day of Your Life!

Happiness truly is a choice.  With everything going on in our busy lives, we often lose sight of how true that is and spending time on our happiness somehow slides down our list of priorities.  We become overwhelmed with the chaos of life and our happiness gets pushed to the back of the line.  We do our best to carve out time in our day to make ourselves happy but should happiness really be a … Continue reading The Best Day of Your Life!

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