What makes personal accountability so rare?

Why is accountability such a rarity in todays world?  It seems like everywhere we look there is someone blaming someone else for the challenges they face in life or the choices they have made.  Whether we're talking about politicians, coworkers, family members, etc. personal accountability is almost non-existent in todays world.  But why is that? Why is it that instead of looking for ways to improve the world around us and take responsibility for our … Continue reading What makes personal accountability so rare?

Fundraiser for ALS!

With the ALS Walk less than a month away, I just wanted to inform everyone that I only have 50 signed copies of my second book, Secrets from Strangers, left in stock!  This has been an incredible fundraising opportunity for our family to help people like my father fight this terrible disease.  For every copy sold I am donating $5 to the ALS Association and our Team RallywithNatale for the upcoming ALS walk!   If … Continue reading Fundraiser for ALS!

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