Live the life ten-year-old-you would be proud of…

Some kids dreamed of driving fancy cars and living in a big house but not me.  I dreamed of freedom. Growing up, I dreamed of staying up late without a bedtime, owning my own home where I made all of the rules and spending as much time as I could with my friends without homework or school to worry about.

Now here I am as an adult and I have quickly realized that adult-life is not as simple as it seemed to be as a kid…

But looking back, I wouldn’t trade adulthood for the world.  This is the opportunity I dreamed about as a kid.  I am free to make my own choies and live my own life.  The dreams and ambitions I set for myself as a kid are what led me to joining the military and I owe ten-year-old me the world for that.

Joining the military was the first time I could honestly say I was proud of myself.  Most importantly, it was the first time I could say that I made the ten year old version of myself proud.

Adulthood may be difficult but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be.  I have come to appreciate that keeping true to the promises we made ourselves as kids makes life easier.  I promised myself as a kid that I would become a soldier and I did.  I promised myself I would become an author, and I am.  I promised myself I would marry a beautiful women and I definitely did.

As corny as it sounds, I live my life hoping to make the tean year old version of myself proud.  I promised myself that when I was an adult I would accomplish so many things and now is my opportunity to be a man of my word.

I try not to let the stress of life consume me.  I try to follow my heart and trust my gut, just like I did as a kid.  I pursue my dreams and shoot for the stars.  I spend time with people who make me happy and spend my time doing what I love.

I am far from perfect but I wake up everyday with the opportunity to make ten-year-old Tim happy and I challenge you to do the same.


By: Timothy A. Natale


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