It doesn’t matter what they think of you…

In a world where our society urges us to fit in…don’t.  Life isn’t about following the path that society wants you to take;  it’s about believing in yourself enough following the path that your heart tells you to. Know that you will make mistakes but that those mistakes present opportunities to grow.  Know that sometimes pain is unavoidable but that pain can be used to make you stronger and know that often times people will judge you but those judgements mean nothing if you are proud of who you see in the mirror.

Being authentic isn’t meant to be easy which is why most people spend their entire lives trying to please others.   True happiness in life is found in the realization that what others think of you doesn’t matter.  Who cares if society doesn’t approve of you.  Who cares if others judge you.

If you are going to make mistakes then make them while living the life you wanted to live not the life others want you to live.  If you are going to experience pain then experience it in pursuit of your wildest dreams and if people are going to judge you then let them judge you out of envy for your courage to be the real you.

Living a life to please others is exhausting.  Waking up each day worrying about what you need to do to please others will never bring you true peace.  You will find absolute happiness in being your most authentic self because its what comes easiest when you take pride in who you are.

By: Timothy A. Natale


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