Secrets from Strangers: Life Changing Lessons I Learned Through A Valuable Perspective

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In 2016 I was medically discharged from the United States Army after an injury I sustained to my spine.  Now, three years and three back surgeries later, I published my second book, Secrets from Strangers, to share my experiences with the world.

I wrote this book to share with you the perspective that saved my life.  My world was turned upside down after my injury and this book shares the 18 life changing “secrets” that helped me find the strength to persevere.

My disability has slowed my life down significantly but it has allowed me to embrace a new perspective that led me to writing this book.  If I was going to experience life at a slower pace that meant I could soak more of life in along the way. 

I started conversations with people I otherwise would have never had and I began appreciating the smallest aspects of life that I had so often overlooked. 

The unique perspective that I share in this book allowed me to realize that God gives us the strength we pray for but it doesn’t always come to us in the most obvious ways.   Each chapter of this book relives a life changing encounter I’ve had with a complete stranger and each chapter shares a “secret” that I learned to get more out of life. 

I guarantee this book will change the way you see the world.  It will challenge you to change the way you think, to open yourself up to new experiences and to want more out of life. 


7 reviews for Secrets from Strangers: Life Changing Lessons I Learned Through A Valuable Perspective

  1. Christopher L.

    The book “Secrets from Strangers” is a compilation of short stories about the author’s personal encounters with complete strangers who dramatically changed his life for the better. In his newest book, Timothy Natale vulnerably describes the pain of adjusting to life with a disability after being medically discharged from the Unites States Army. He takes the reader through an emotional journey; one that starts with hopelessness, but ends with a new found strength and appreciation for life after his seemingly chance encounters. The book is raw, inspiring, and taps into our shared humanity as the content is relatable and the “secrets” are applicable to all who read them. I highly recommend that you give this book a read, and share it with those in your life that may be struggling with hardships of their own. I give it five stars, and it gave me a new perspective on life.

    • timothynataleauthor

      Thank you Chris!!

  2. timothynataleauthor

    This book will edit your outlook on life in a very positive way. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to read it and now I have to buy and read the author’s debut work to enhance my experience even further. Secrets from Strangers will undoubtedly be the catalyst for a metamorphosis of thought for readers worldwide. It contains motivation that is sorely needed, especially in our callous society.

  3. Margaret Hislope (verified owner)

    I just finished reading the new book and really enjoyed the stories you shared! I too have had encounters with strangers that seemed too great to be just a coincidence, so I could really relate. Thanks for using your wisdom and writing talent to inspire us to really “see” other people and be grateful for all experiences, good and bad. Great book!

  4. Craig Hislope

    In life I have found it is easy to stay in a little bubble by those we are similar too such as our family, colleagues in our professional lives and friends. We do this because it is comfortable and due to either fear or preconceived opinions of others we typically do not communicate with strangers unless it is necessary. This book is an eye opener to show how much we can learn from others by just allowing for encounters that are outside our comfort zone. I found the book very well written and very inspirational. I feel reading this book can be beneficial for all to read whether they are 18 or 88. Looking forward to reading this author’s next book!

  5. Lisa Suleiman (verified owner)

    This book is incredible! I recommend everyone to read this even if you don’t need the motivation or inspiration, you will definitely have a better outlook on life after reading , it made me think about taking better control of my actions, which is hard sometimes ,as many of you know life is nothing but negative nowadays but he explains how to overcome that and always have a positive attitude even when things are going rough. Thank you so much Tim you have inspired me so much and that is what I really need. I look forward to reading more books of his in the near future! Tim has a really big impact on my life 😊

    • timothynataleauthor

      Thank you Lisa!!!

  6. Jack Grobelny (verified owner)

    Tim delivers his lifelong experiences of how complete strangers changed his life forever. This book makes you reevaluate how you go about your everyday life and what you may be missing. Tim delivers a message to make you look a little bit harder when struggles come your way. This book completely shifts your mindset on how you look at the world, and changes your perception on life forever.

  7. Catherine Lanzilotti

    Secrets From Strangers is definitely an inspiring and uplifting book!! It really draws you into the stories and lessons learned in each chapter. It was certainly a big reminder how our actions can affect those we encounter daily, in a negative, neutral or positive way. Tim, through his own examples, encourages you to take the selfless and often times intimidating path. He challenges you to be a positive influence for another human, stranger or not. I highly recommend this book!! If everyone took the time to care about others as Tim does, the world would be a better place. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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