Sometimes we need to re-evaluate

As life gets challenging it’s common to second guess ourselves and the road we are on.  When life gets tough, we begin to question our capabilities and whether or not we should adjust our course to take an easier path.  As rational beings, our instincts draw us to the path of least resistance but we must decide if that’s where we want to be. When those difficult times present themselves, we must ask ourselves why we started on that path in the first place.  Which direction do we want our lives to follow?


Throughout life, we must be able to routinely evaluate where we are headed to make sure it’s still where we want to go.  In the chaos of life, it’s easy to become distracted and stray off course.  It’s easy to become engulfed in our daily routine and forget to re-evaluate the choices we make. This type of re-evaluation is how we prevent ourselves from becoming complacent and drifting from our intended path.


Self evaluation and reflection requires us to ask ourselves the difficult questions.  How are we spending our time?  Who are we spending it with?  What are we doing and why are we doing it?  Are we living the life that makes us happy or are we just going through the motions because it’s what we have grown accustomed to?


These are hard questions to answer honestly, because sometimes the answers aren’t what we wanted to hear.  If we look at our lives and realize that we are not going in the direction we want, what do we do?  Are we willing to make changes? Those questions are difficult because sometimes the honest answers tell us that something must change.  We must be able to identify what led us off course.  Sometimes we evaluate where we are and know that’s not where we want to be.   Re-evaluation of our lives gives us the opportunity to readjust our bearings towards our desired destination.


Life is too short to set our sights on an objective and never look back.  We must take the time to re-calibrate and make necessary adjustments.  It’s not how quickly  we get to the finish line that matters; it’s what we learned along the way.  Opportunities are too valuable to take for granted.


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