Ask yourself…”why”?

Chasing accomplishments is a never ending journey if we fail to realize why we started on that journey in the first place.  The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to realize the truth in this.  We establish our resolutions and often fail to realize why they are important to us.  We set out for higher paying jobs, better relationships, healthier lifestyles and bigger houses – but why?

Why do we want the higher paying job?  Is it for financial freedom?  So we can buy fancier cars or the bigger house with finer clothes?   If we seek more financial will we ever have enough?

Now let me be clear, I am not saying that seeking more is bad but we must know why we seek what we do.  It may seem obvious but is it?  We must be able to identify why certain things bring so much value in our lives and if it is what truly brings us happiness.  Do we want the bigger house because it’s what will make us happier or because we are trying to compete with the rest of society?

Your purpose in this world is not to compete with others but rather to compete with yourself.  To compete with who you were yesterday and understand why we seek the lives we do.  In my eyes that is the purpose of a New Years Resolution.  To make each day better than the last eventually leading to each year being better than the previous.

This starts by asking ourselves, “Why?”  Why do we want what we want?  Why do we spend our time doing what we do?  Why do we surround ourselves with the people that we do and if our resolution is to change those parts of our lives, why is that?  Maybe a resolution isn’t just about where we go from here but of equal importance to where we came from.

True growth comes from understanding of where we want to go and what needs to change to get us there.  One step, one moment, one day at a time for no reason other than it’s what OUR hearts desire.


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