Yesterday was tough…

Dear Stan,

I couldn’t get myself to write you this letter yesterday.  It is crazy to think it has been three years since God called you home.  I miss you like crazy bud.  The world is struggling without people like you here to help straighten it out.  As I sat down last night when I got home from work I thought about the ways in which you helped me realize what this world has to offer and what I have to offer this world.  You changed the way I live my life.  I will never be the same and I have you to thank for that.

I wish you were here man.  God has thrown some serious curveballs my way lately and it would be nice having you in my corner reminding me to swing.  You told me the day would come when people looked at me the way they looked at you and that day came.  Now that day has come again with what my family is facing and I attribute my strength to you.  You gave me the strength to stand when I was faced with overwhelming odds and now I carry that strength forward in your name.  The world will never be the same without you brother, but I will do everything in my power to fulfill your legacy.  You are gone but never forgotten.  Say hi to Chris and Jeremy for me.  I have no doubt that Papi is sitting right next to you while you read this letter.  Give him a hug for me.

Rest easy brother,


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was tough…

  1. i wish i could have met Stan. what an amazing man. i love to hear about him and read about him. i know one thing for sure- he is damn proud of you for the man you are, for your strength, and for your dedication.

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