“Well if she is special…don’t mess it up!”

Dear Papi,

Six years ago today I met the love of my life.  There are not words to describe the way I love Kelsey Rose, but if those words existed I can assure you I would have learned them from you.  The way you loved people was unlike anything I have ever seen, especially the way you loved Nani.  You treated her like a queen and you made me promise you that when I met the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with I would treat her the same way.  Six years later and I love her more and more everyday.

I have made so many mistakes.  Countless times I nearly pushed her away but here we stand.  Three and a half years while I was in the Army she stuck by my side, two of which we had an ocean between us.  We wouldn’t be celebrating this anniversary without you because you taught me how to love.  The way you treated Nani left a legacy.  You and I spoke on the phone every single day for years but it all started when I called you to tell you I met Kelsey Rose.  Your words were so simple that day….”Well, if she is special…don’t mess it up.”

I am so happy to be celebrating with her today.  I have missed the last three anniversaries because I was away but you brought me back home safely to be with her again.

This one is for you Papi…Thank you,


4 thoughts on ““Well if she is special…don’t mess it up!”

  1. Even though I only knew your Papi during his stay at the nursing home in Twinsburg, in learned quickly that he loved fiercely! The sparkle in his eye when his princess ( ask your Nani, that’s what I called her) walked through the door in itself described his love for her. To be honest, I could see his love for each and every one of his family memeber! He was one heck of a man!!

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