Testimonials for TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H.

Cathy (Mother)

Member Since April 2019

“I highly recommend the T.RU.E G.R.O.W.T.H program to anyone looking to better their life, make a positive change or to simply work on become the best version of themselves. The program makes it simple to identify your goals, create an action plan and stay motived to get there. Timothy offers valuable, wise, practical guidance and tips to help you succeed . He is truly passionate about helping others succeed which really shows through. This care, combined with his unique background, helps to lead others forward on the best path of their life journey.

 After personally going through multiple, difficult life changing events in a short amount of time, I am very grateful to have this support system. Whenever I need encouragement, his email always seems to pop up at just the right time, giving me the motivation and encouragement to continue forward and stay positive. I can’t say enough good things about the T.R.U.E. G.R.O.W.T.H program and highly recommend!!! Do yourself a favor and sign up. Right now is the best time to start becoming the best you, and it’s easier to do when you have someone like Timothy there helping you. Imagine where you could be at this time next year!!  Five stars all the way!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


Christie (Entrepreneur)

Member Since April 2019

“If you are seeking to transform your life and give yourself a make-over from the inside out then Tim Natale’s TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. program is for you! The program is designed to help guide you along on a journey of honest self-reflection and will challenge you to become the best person you can. Tim shares his own personal stories of trial and error-filled with words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. He is extremely open and relatable about his own doubts, insecurities, and struggles, which I find refreshing. Tim’s message shows us how we can grow during our current situation and use whatever it is we are going through to mold us into someone better. This program encourages you to take a cold hard look at your own life and be honest with how we can improve, become better and enrich not only our own lives but how we can reach out and help others. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to take their personal journey of growth and development to the next level.”


Eric (Sergeant U.S. Army, Entrepreneur)

Member Since May 2019

“TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. has been an insightful experience for me. The exclusive content has introduced me to a higher level of thinking and has laid out a foundation for positive personal development. Timothy Natale takes the time to properly elaborate the importance of each principle and goes in depth to ensure readers understand how to reach their maximum potential. During my time as a member, I have been both inspired and motivated every time I log in!


Casey (Firefighter, EMT)

Member Since January 2019

“Joining TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H & listening to Timothy’s inspiration and motivation over the years has truly made me the man I am today. TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H’s weekly posts have helped me tremendously in areas of my life.  Reading the weekly content every Saturday helps me stay positive and focused throughout the week.  I am a firefighter EMT and for over a year I was struggling to find a job as a firefighter but TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H’s helped me stay motivated to keep pushing towards my goal, and I finally just received my first job at a fire department.”


Chris (Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Owner)

Member Since January 2019

“I have been a member of TRUE GROWTH since its inception, and it has been a key part of my development as a person, businessman, friend, family member, and leader. The content is excellent! It’s both original and candid, and each post I receive gives me something to think about and focus on every week. The ideas are based around common sense principles that encourage, motivate, and guide me as I make my way through life. I rarely recommend services to people, but there is just so much to gain from this program that I am making an exception. For anyone looking for honest, effective advice and influence to enter their life, give TRUE GROWTH a try. I will be a life long member and I hope that others get as much out of it as I do!”









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