Here’s why “do as I say” leadership doesn’t work…

"But mom (or dad), why do I have to do my chores?  I hate chores!" "Because I told you to, that's why!"   Sound familiar? Most of us have probably been on one end of this conversation at some point in our life so far, right?  How did it play out?  Let me guess...

A shift in my blog’s focus!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!  Thank you to over 2,500 subscribers and to all of the people who have followed this blog and it's content for so long!  Thank you for those of you who have read my books and shared in my journey!  I hope I have provided you with inspiration and motivation and I hope you are with me for the long haul but it's time for change (good change - … Continue reading A shift in my blog’s focus!

A letter to my grandfather

Dear Papi, I will never forget the first time I hit a homerun (one of very few).  You used to tell me how similar I was to you because I couldn't hit the baseball for shit and either could you (yet somehow you played baseball for the Yankee Farm team).  But I remember hitting my first homerun and as that ball went soaring out of the park I looked right to you and the smile … Continue reading A letter to my grandfather

“If you are going to be wrong then be wrong confidently”

As a kid, I never raised my hand in school.  Why?  Because I was struggled in school and I was afraid if I tried to answer a question and was wrong that I would look bad. As I grew older, the pressure to be right only became greater.  But then I enlisted in the military and recieved some of the greatest advice of my life in basic training... I learned that you cannot allow of … Continue reading “If you are going to be wrong then be wrong confidently”

Life is like a title fight for boxing….

Trigger Warning: I will call you on your excuses in this post about overcoming adversity - 4 minute read) Most of you reading this have never been in a fight in your life and that's ok (not a prerequisite for this post - I promise) but give me two minutes to explain why life is like a boxing match... One of the hardest parts about life (and boxing) is understanding that everyone will have good … Continue reading Life is like a title fight for boxing….

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