What an incredible memorial…

Dear Chris and Stan,

It’s finally done!  Thanks to Christie Lanzilotti, the memorial picture she created is finished and it is beyond incredible.  It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it.  A while back I asked her to create an image for me in your memory and what she created blew me away.  She also created one for me to send each of your families.  Depicted is Saint Michael looking over the two of you as I know he is.  I can’t thank Christie enough for such an incredible memorial piece.  I miss you both and I know you will enjoy the artwork.

– Natale

I 100% recommend Christie Lanzilotti to anyone looking for commissioned artwork or prints and I urge you visit her website and check out some of her other work http://www.christielanzilotti.com because it will blow you away.  She is an incredible artist and I can assure you that she is the artist you want commissioned on any piece you may want done.Timmy's Drawing_ FINAL_IMAGE_Resolution

Dear Stan,

Stan I was having a hard time yesterday and I thought of you,

I am on this incredible trip with my family in Italy and it’s truly a blessing from God.  I haven’t seen my father walk as good as he is here in months, and he is so happy.  I’m writing you this letter because, despite how incredible this trip is, it reminds me of the first operation I went on and you were right there by my side and I am having a hard time.   Continue reading “Dear Stan,”

The laughs never end…

Dear Papi,

Yesterday I was thinking about prior to when I left for basic those few months I spent driving you to your appointments, and the fun we had.  Whether it was you making race care noises as you drove your electric wheelchair down the hallway, or simply the way you lit up every room you entered.  I was driving by myself yesterday laughing hysterically just reflecting on some incredible moments we shared.  Those may have been some of the best months of my life. Continue reading “The laughs never end…”

Jalen made it to 4!


I know you will be smiling down today knowing that Jalen hit his four year anniversary in the Army today.  I am very proud of him, as I know you are as well.  I remember the first night we all sat in Germany together talking about what we missed back home and you told us the years just fly by.  Well, you were right.  I am not proud of Jalen because he made it to four years because thats what he signed up to do, I am proud of him because of what he did in those four years.  He is like a brother to me, and you taught me years ago that family is much more than just blood.  You have to trust each other, rely on each other, push each other, and the hardest part…when you find yourself at the top of a mountain…look down and remember who helped you get there.  I miss you buddy, look out for Jalen as he begins his transition out of the Army.  He has had an incredible journey, I can assure you I wouldn’t be the man I am without people like you and him.