Live in the uncomfortable

Instincts can be our greatest weakness if we let them.  I firmly believe you need to face your instincts head on with the sole intention of reframing them if you have any hope of using them to your advantage. Our instincts are what come naturally to us - or better yet, what come easiest to us. Our instincts tell us to choose the path of least resistance and to avoid confrontation. They  tell us to … Continue reading Live in the uncomfortable

Why I LOVE being the underdog…

I stand firm in my belief that the only limitations that exist in our lives are the ones that we set for ourselves, or ALLOW others to set for us.  Other people will always try to set limitations for us to mirror the ones they have set for themselves.  People will always try to tell us what we are NOT capable of and personally, I LOVE THAT. I love hearing someone tell me what they … Continue reading Why I LOVE being the underdog…

Why do you think the way you do?

As frustrating as it may be to come to class at night after a long day at work, I have to admit it has its benefits. Tonight for example, I am sitting in my mediation class and we are discussing how to reframe thoughts and statements within mediation. Specifically, how to take the deeper meaning of a statement and separate that from the negative wording that may have been tied to it. See, the benefit … Continue reading Why do you think the way you do?

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