Patience is a Virtue

As a kid, I hated hearing my father say, “Patience is a virtue.” It was his way of saying good things come with time.  Patience is what helps us understand that true value lies in the process we take to bring our aspirations within reach.  Patience provides us with the ability to trust the steps we take will lead us to where we want to go.   But that takes time, and as a society, … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue

The 3% Rule

One of the most recent questions I received from one of my followers was, “How do you have time to write so much with everything else you have going on in your life?”    My answer was pretty simple. “If you are passionate enough about something, you’ll make the time.”  However, the time doesn’t need to be anything extreme to start.  If you are struggling to find more time to spend on what makes you … Continue reading The 3% Rule

Ball and Chain

TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. challenges us to do what is necessary for our personal growth and development, even when it’s the most difficult.  It requires us to face the things in life that present the biggest challenges instead of pushing them aside to deal with later.  Whether those challenges exist in the past, present or future; we must be willing to acknowledge their existence to prevent them from being our ball and chain.  We either acknowledge them … Continue reading Ball and Chain

Create Your Hero

Think back to your favorite childhood hero.  Whether it was a comic book super hero, an athlete, actor or actress, family member, etc.  What was it that you admired about that person?  Was it their wealth and prestige?  Was it the glory of being in the spotlight?  Was it the way they lived?  Was it a personality trait or the way they carried themselves?  Whatever it was, big or small, something drew you to them.  … Continue reading Create Your Hero

Word is Bond

My word is my bond.  That’s a vow of honesty and reliability to those in our lives that if we say we are going to do something, we do it.  No questions asked.  No backing out.  This is where resiliency comes into play.  Keeping our word doesn’t mean we can't make mistakes, but we must be resilient enough to pick ourselves back up each time we do to try again.  The hardest part of keeping … Continue reading Word is Bond

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