Train your Brain

This is a post about how we can train our brain to directly impact our likelihood of success (5 minute read)!We often don’t realize how important the words we choose to use are.  More specifically, when we fill our lives with ambition and goals, we must choose words that are conducive to accomplishing what we set out to achieve.  We must train our brains to think positively and use words that are motivating and encouraging.  Contrary to … Continue reading Train your Brain

I’ll be back!

With much hesitation, I want to inform everyone that I will be pulling my TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. subscription offline for a while.  This was a very difficult decision for me but I truly believe that on the road to accomplishing the dreams we have set for ourselves, we must take the time to step back and evaluate where we are heading. My dream is to change the world and I have every intention of doing that through my … Continue reading I’ll be back!

If I Fight, You Fight.

If you've ever been close to giving up when life gets tough, this post is for you.  I like to think of myself as a pretty resilient guy after all that I have been through but being resilient only gets you so far in life.  Being resilient allows you to bounce back and withstand a beating but it's not enough to survive the world we live in.  You must surround yourself with good people who … Continue reading If I Fight, You Fight.

The “Double It” Rule

Why did our parents put the cookie jar on the top of the refrigerator when we were young?  Because it was out of reach, right?  Or so they thought…  Did that mean we didn’t get cookies?  Shit no.  If you were anything like me, it meant you found a way to climb up there and get what you wanted.  Maybe you climbed on the counter, or the stool, or stood on your siblings back, but … Continue reading The “Double It” Rule

A Negative Thought is Like a Bull in a China Shop

I once heard a saying that one of the most valuable places in the world is the graveyard and the more I think about this, the more it makes sense to me.  So many incredible people with all different talents and dreams never took the steps necessary to share their imagination with the world before they died and most often, I presume, that was due to the fear of failure.  We live in a society … Continue reading A Negative Thought is Like a Bull in a China Shop

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