How well do you budget your time?

(Five minute read about how to better manage your time!) One of the hardest skills to master in life is the ability to budget effectively.  Agreed? When it comes to budgeting money, the hardest part is controlling the spending.  There always appears to be infinite options for what to spend it on but there never seems to be enough of it to spend.  It's hard to pick and choose what's worth our money and what … Continue reading How well do you budget your time?

Happy Birthday Papi

Dear Papi, Happy Birthday! It is amazing to me that the simple thought of you brings an amount of joy to my day that is indescribable.  All I could think about all day is your incredible smile and the joy your brought this world.  Talking to you on the phone everyday for even two minutes, are some of my greatest memories.  As a sat back today reflecting on our memories, I thought about how blessed … Continue reading Happy Birthday Papi

Dear Papi,

I miss you lately Papi, Thanksgiving wasn't easy without you, but trust me I didn't show anybody the pain I felt without you there.  I miss you like hell.  I walked in your room to put my coat away when I got to your house and it hit my harder than it had hit me in a while that you are not here.  You changed the way I see the world.  You changed the way … Continue reading Dear Papi,

One year ago…

Dear Papi, A year ago today I came home from the Army.  So much has happened this year, some of which really opened my eyes to the fact that life doesn't always go according to plan.  There are days I miss the Army more than words can describe.  I loved being a soldier but a year ago God decided my family needed me home more than they needed me keeping them safe as a soldier. … Continue reading One year ago…

“Well if she is special…don’t mess it up!”

Dear Papi, Six years ago today I met the love of my life.  There are not words to describe the way I love Kelsey Rose, but if those words existed I can assure you I would have learned them from you.  The way you loved people was unlike anything I have ever seen, especially the way you loved Nani.  You treated her like a queen and you made me promise you that when I met … Continue reading “Well if she is special…don’t mess it up!”

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