Why I wasn’t nervous on my wedding day….

(Two minute read about what it really means to be supportive)I will never forgot saying goodnight to Kelsey Rose the night before our wedding. I was so excited and right as she turned to walk away with her bridesmaids, the nerves kicked in.  My brother Nick put his hand on my should and said the only seven words that a brother would want to hear the night before their wedding..... "What if she doesn't show … Continue reading Why I wasn’t nervous on my wedding day….

The Kelsey Rose Playlist

In a few hours I will I marry the woman of my dreams.  Honestly, I can't believe it.  I never thought it was possible to love someone the way I love her.  But it hasn't always been easy.   The long distance relationship with Kelsey Rose was no walk in the park.  Three and a half years we spent apart, nearly half of our relationship so far, and two of those years we spent separated … Continue reading The Kelsey Rose Playlist

Seven years down and a lifetime to go

One year from today I will marry the love of my life, Kelsey Rose. A few days ago, someone asked me if I was nervous.  Well, as my father used to tell me "They day you're not nervous, is the day you're in trouble." HOWEVER, nerves aren't always a bad thing.  I tell my football players that being nervous means you care.  It means you realize what's at stake.  It means that your heart knows … Continue reading Seven years down and a lifetime to go

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