Here’s why you should be trying to fail more…

What possible reasons could I have for suggesting you should be intentionally trying to fail more in your life? Am I crazy?  Possibly.  But I also might be on to something great. What if we stopped looking at failure as a negative experience and instead reshaped “failure” as a positive step in the right direction?  In this article, I aim to change the way you see failure forever

Now, when I say fail, I don’t mean falling short of a goal or missing a milestone due to a lack of preparation or effort.  That’s a cardinal sin in my book that I myself have made way too many times in my life.  Not studying for a big test, not training hard enough for your fitness goals or working hard enough on a project isn’t failure.  It’s a lack of dedication and desire. Arguably, it could even be a form of self-sabotage but that’s a conversation for a different day.

What I am talking about is when you pour your heart and soul into your preparation, work towards and pursuit of a goal or objective and you still fall short.  That’s the good kind of failure.  When you push through the obstacles you face, overcome as many hurdles as you can but still fall short, you may have failed but that doesn’t have to be the end of the road. In fact, it never should be.

But for some reason, our society treats this “failure” as a bad thing when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you pour your blood, sweat and tears into chasing a dream or goal and you still fall short, why should that be something to be discouraged about?  Sure it might hurt a little at first but don’t let that discourage you from trying again.

It’s an invaluable opportunity to take notes of what didn’t work, identify ways to make improvements, and try again. And again.  And again.

What I mean by, “You should be trying to fail more” is that you should be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and increasing the risk of failing. You should be setting goals that stretch your capabilities which increases your risk of falling short of your goals on the first try.  You need to stop setting goals that you know you can accomplish if you really want to find out what you’re capable of.

You will likely fail more because you have exposed yourself to more uncertainty, challenge and risk than ever before but you will also bring significantly more opportunity for growth and positive change into your life.

In my opinion, that trade off is a trade I would make any day of the week because the reward far outweighs the risk.

Sure, you might be able to learn something from living life in your comfort zone forever. But what value could that lesson possibly bring to your life?

I challenge you to increase the intensity of the way in which you live your life and watch what happens.  I dare you to try setting goals that make you nervous and then be relentless in pursuit of those goals regardless of how many times you “fail” and watch how quickly your life changes.

Break out of your comfort zone and fail more and watch how many more opportunities come into your life.

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