Guest post from Tina Martin: The Top Apps to Free Up Time While Running Your Business

A few weeks ago, a follower of this blog named Tina Martin, reached out to me and asked if she could write a guest post to share a variety of apps that may be helpful to leaders.  Of course I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to share resources that may be helpful to my fellow leaders. Please take a few moments and read Tina’s post below and thank you, Tina for sharing these resources with us!

The Top Apps to Free Up Time While Running Your Business

Have you ever felt like your work is never done? That’s because it can’t be. As an entrepreneur, every day brings a new opportunity to make your business grow and thrive.

With so many responsibilities on the table, how do you manage to stay productive? The answer is technology!

The following post from Tina will show you some of the best productivity apps for entrepreneurs.

  • Apps for time management.

If you don’t know where your time goes at the end of the day, Toggl is the app for you. It lets you track how much time you spend on different projects so you can really see where the hours go in your day and your week.

You can also use it to track the team’s work, which comes in useful on projects where you bill your customers by the hour.

  • Apps for staying organized.

When you’re starting a business, it can feel like you’re always running from place to place, and often your personal life suffers. is a great app that allows you to stay organized in both your personal and professional lives by integrating both the tasks you have in your home and the office. It even lets you set up reminders and notifications and create shopping lists so you never run out of anything. You can integrate it with your calendar for a seamless experience.

  • Apps to help you sleep better at night.

Being productive is not only about the things you do at work but also the things you do outside of it. For your brain to function optimally, you need to make sure that you make enough time for rest and for proper sleep.

If you struggle with sleep because you have too many things on your mind, Calm is the app for you. It has a wide range of meditations you can do before you go to bed and sleep stories for adults that will make you doze off like you did when you were a baby.

  • Apps for increasing your productivity at work.

It’s often not about doing more, but rather about resting enough so that when you work, you are entirely focused and can concentrate.

That’s why we love the Pomodoro Technique, which combines 25 minutes bursts of focus with 5-minute breaks in between, so your brain can unwind and recharge between tasks. There are many apps that use this technique, so download a few to see which one you prefer.

  • Apps for teamwork.

When you have several people working on the same project, it’s essential to ensure that everyone stays in the loop to avoid miscommunication and make sure you’re all aware of each other’s progress. Slack is a teamwork messaging app that can do just that for you.

  • Apps to make you mobile.

The more you can handle complex operational tasks from your phone, the more freedom you will have to travel and work from anywhere you like. That’s why we love Quickbooks, which is well-known for enabling business owners to manage accounting and payroll on the go. But did you also know it’s among the top-rated ERP business software for medium-sized businesses? It empowers you to conduct your most important ERP, or enterprise resource planning, tasks, including strategy, cost planning, marketing, and even sales on your desktop or mobile device.

The apps we’ve shared with you can hopefully help make your life a little easier and help you get some time back. But remember that to be successful in your business, you must plan out your day and manage distractions, so they don’t derail your progress toward achieving your business goals.

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