“If you are going to be wrong then be wrong confidently”

As a kid, I never raised my hand in school.  Why?  Because I was struggled in school and I was afraid if I tried to answer a question and was wrong that I would look bad. As I grew older, the pressure to be right only became greater.  But then I enlisted in the military and recieved some of the greatest advice of my life in basic training…

I learned that you cannot allow of the fear of being wrong to prevent you from making choices. If you are afraid to make mistakes that may lead you to miss valuable opportunities to learn and grow. If you are afraid to trust people because you don’t want to be wrong about them, you may end up missing an opportunity to trust the right person.  And if you are afraid of making choices in life because you are afraid to make the wrong one then you may never find what you are looking for out of life.

It sounds simple and cliché but the reality is, being wrong is an inevitable part of life.  Sometimes you will be wrong about people.  Sometimes you will make bad choices.  Sometimes you will make mistakes.  Sometimes you will simply have no idea what you are talking about….But the truth is, we make the best choices we can based on the information we have at the time and hope for the best…and if we were wrong, then we use that experience to learn from and make better choices moving forward.

Most importantly, I learned to have confidence in the choices that you make regardless of the risk you face of being wrong.  Especially as a leader, I learned that you cannot expect others to have confidence in the choices you make if you doubt those very choices yourself.  Trust that you have made the best choices you can with the information you were given and if you are going to be wrong then be wrong confidently.

By: Timothy A. Natale

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