An Anniversary Letter to Kelsey Rose

Kelsey Rose,

Can you believe that today is our first wedding anniversary?  It’s also been nearly a decade since the day I met you.  It crazy because it seems like yesterday that I cried watching you walk down that isle.  As I sit here writing you this letter,  I remember back to my Army days and those two long years we spent separated by an ocean.  I remember counting down the days until my next scheduled leave just so I could spend a few days with you again.  Then like clockwork, as I boarded my plane to fly back to Germany, I would dream of the day that you would become my wife and I would wake up everyday right beside you.

It’s crazy for me to think that day has not only come, but it has been an entire year since we said those vows.  After spending nearly three and a half years apart, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that it was totally worth it.  Spending so much time apart makes me appreciate the time we have together that much more.  The long distance makes me appreciate how special seeing you everyday really is.  All of the stress that came with being apart for so long makes what we have that much more special.  And most importantly, even though we bicker at times, I wouldnt trade it for the world because I begged God for what we have now.

The reality is, some days I pinch myself because I can’t believe its real.  For nearly a decade, I imagined what married life with you would hold and believe it or not, it’s better than I could have ever imagined possible.  Since the day I met you, I pictured what you would look like in that white dress and yet, you still managed to blow me away.

I can’t imagine my life without you but that’s the best part about marrying you – I have the rest of my life with you to look forward to.

I know you are gonna be “angry” at me for sharing this letter on my blog but I need the world to know that without you, life just wouldn’t be bearable.  Here’s to an incredible year my love.

One year down and God-willing, a hundred more to go.

Your husband,


P.S. Here’s the post I wrote last year on our wedding day …..

The Kelsey Rose Playlist



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  1. What a beautiful memory.
    This Junteenth is another rembrance we are celebrating this year.
    Black Lives Matter.

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