How Ultimate Fail Videos Changed My Life! (A post about self care)

There often seem to be more tough days in life than easy ones.  If you are anything like me, there have been countless days where you’ve come home from work, school, and life in general and feel completely overwhelmed.  Some people just carry on with life without decompressing after a tough day, but I have come to realize that without proper self-care, the stress of life will eat you alive.

Now, here is where I am different than most.  Some people exercise, do yoga, read or watch T.V. to decompress – but not me.  What I do is quite unique and it all started during my time in the military….

I watch ultimate fail videos on YouTube.  That’s right, after a long day I watch compilation videos of people falling off trampolines, messing up skateboard tricks, and countless other hysterical things.

I do this because it makes me laugh – and laugh hard at that.  Often times, Kelsey Rose can actually hear me laughing from another room.  I can’t explain it.  All I know is that it works.  On one of my rotations to Poland, we had a long stress filled day and our Task Force Commander pulled us all in a room and put one of the ultimate fail videos on the projector and the rest was history.

The point is, the stress of life will be there forever.  Some people spend their entire lives trying to live stress free and some may succeed, but often times we realize that a stress free-lifestyle doesn’t exist.  What does exist are strategies for effectively managing stress and for decompressing.

What I’m offering you is another perspective.  Maybe a stress free lifestyle isn’t what we need.  Maybe what we need is a more effective way of managing the stress we have.  For me, it’s ultimate fail videos.  It doesn’t matter what it is that helps you as long as it’s healthy, legal and it works.

Watching ultimate fail videos has changed my life.  It doesn’t matter how tough my day, week or year was.  I know that those video’s will make me laugh enough to turn things around.

Don’t let the stress of life swallow you.  Find something that brings you relief and repeat it as needed.

By: Timothy A. Natale

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