The Progress Pyramid! (My strategy for accomplishing goals -4 minute read)

School sucks.  I never liked it as a kid, but I randomly found that I loved “reading” about how the pyramids were built.  Brick by brick, year after year, these incredible structures were constructed by hand.  No fancy machinery – just grit and dedication.  What fascinated me the most was that thousands of years later – they stand stronger than ever. 

It took years to build a single pyramid.  In today’s world, most people set a goal for themselves and quit once they realize they can’t accomplish it overnight.  We don’t have patience as a society.  We want get rich quick schemes and immediate satisfaction – but it rarely happens that way.  I have come to appreciate the making progress in life is much like building a pyramid.  Each brick has it’s place and piece by piece, progress is made.

I look at each day like each brick.  If everyday you are 1% better than you were yesterday – you’ve made progress.  That may seem like a small amount of progress to make each day but multiply that by 365 (days in a year) and now what do you have?  Much more impressive right? Stay with me…

Everyday that you “lay a brick” and make progress – you get better.  The more and more those workers carried those bricks – the faster and more efficient they became.  That’s life too.  The more you practice something – the easier it becomes.

But we all know that life has obstacles and set backs.  What you can’t do is quit.  If you quit than any progress you’ve made so far goes away.  Maybe early on you only make 1% progress each day and that may be frustrating but as the days go on, if you keep working towards your goal, progress will get easier. Some days will be harder than others but if you can hang on and make it through the tougher days, the easier days will return.

What I think hurts most peoples progress is their expectations.  If you set unrealistic expectations for yourself then you set yourself up for failure and frustration.  When the Egyptians built the pyramids they knew it wouldn’t be done overnight.  I’m sure the first few pyramids built took much longer than those built as the years went on.  Progress comes in the ability to learn as you go.  When you learn you get better and when you get better you make progress.

Lastly, in the moments when you truly feel defeated because you feel so far away from the end goal, turn around and realize how far you’ve come.  Goals aren’t accomplished overnight but progress can be made each day.

Shoot for 1% each day and go from there.

By; Timothy A. Natale

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