Fundraiser for ALS!

With the ALS Walk less than a month away, I just wanted to inform everyone that I only have 50 signed copies of my second book, Secrets from Strangers, left in stock!  This has been an incredible fundraising opportunity for our family to help people like my father fight this terrible disease.  For every copy sold I am donating $5 to the ALS Association and our Team RallywithNatale for the upcoming ALS walk!


If you are looking to add inspiration, motivation and perspective in your life than Secrets from Strangers is the perfect book for you!  For those of you looking to share this book with the special people in your lives, use the coupon code als when checking out for special discount pricing!


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Here are some reviews of the book!

“This book will edit your outlook on life in a very positive way. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to read it and now I have to buy and read the author’s debut work to enhance my experience even further. Secrets from Strangers will undoubtedly be the catalyst for a metamorphosis of thought for readers worldwide. It contains motivation that is sorely needed, especially in our callous society.”

Amazon customer

“This book is so insightful! Each chapter gives you a new perspective from someone totally unexpected. It is amazing the way complete strangers can impact us and help us to live our best life if we just take some time to stop and take in the lessons.

Timothy aptly depicts a total reframing of his perspective on life after an injury in the military that is catalyzed by the unexpected interactions and observations of perfect strangers.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that could use a glance or an overhaul at a new perspective on life and an ability to grow through everyday circumstances.”

Amazon Customer

“The book “Secrets from Strangers” is a compilation of short stories about the author’s personal encounters with complete strangers who dramatically changed his life for the better. In his newest book, Timothy Natale vulnerably describes the pain of adjusting to life with a disability after being medically discharged from the Unites States Army. He takes the reader through an emotional journey; one that starts with hopelessness, but ends with a new found strength and appreciation for life after his seemingly chance encounters. The book is raw, inspiring, and taps into our shared humanity as the content is relatable and the “secrets” are applicable to all who read them. I highly recommend that you give this book a read, and share it with those in your life that may be struggling with hardships of their own. It gets five stars from me!”


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