Perfection is boring!

Life would be so boring if perfection existed. I believe that if you spend your life chasing perfection, you will never truly feel fulfilled because fulfillment comes with the recognition of progress.  If we were perfect, progress wouldn’t exist.  If everyone was the best of the best in every aspect of life, change and development would be non-existent.

Getting better is what fuels ambition.  One of the most exciting parts of life is realizing how far we’ve come.  Looking back at the obstacles we have faced, the ways we overcame them and the growth we’ve accomplished over the years is something to be truly proud of.  Opportunities for change wouldn’t exist in  perfect world because we wouldn’t need them.  We would have everything we needed on the day we were born and as great as that may sound to some people, it sounds like hell to me.  There would be no raises at work or promotions. There would be no awards or recognition for excellence. There would be no competition or incentives to work hard and those are my favorite parts of life.

But our society makes us think differently. Our society urges us to chase perfection because it keeps us focused on the rat race.  Society pegs us against each other instead of focusing on developing ourselves.  Society tells us that perfection exists and that achieving perfection is the only way to be normal, but I disagree.

Recognizing that we are better today than we were yesterday makes life exciting because it gives us control. It gives us the ability to make changes to the parts of live that we don’t enjoy and spend more time enjoying the parts we do.  If we lived in a perfect world there would be nothing to control.  It’s valuable to recognize that you have room to improve because that’s what keeps us humble.

But in order to pursue better, you must have the ability to recognize how far you come. As important as it is to want to improve, you must give yourself credit for the path you have taken so far.  Just because your not where you want to be doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress.  Don’t forget to take the time to recognize how far you have come and appreciate the value in being unique in our imperfections.

Appreciate the value in the ability to pursue constant growth.  Embrace opportunities to learn and grow. Set out to make yourself better today than you were yesterday and live your life to make a difference, not to chase perfection.


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