My second book is finally published and ready for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it is finally here.  The day has come where my second book, Secrets from Strangers: Life Changing Lessons I Learned Through A Valuable Perspective, is published!  This book and all of the life changing secrets it shares, is available on Amazon Prime!  I also offer special discount pricing for signed copies and those of you looking to purchase multiple copies in my online store (discount codes at bottom of this post)!

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Here’s a brief description!

As a disabled Army veteran, I have found out the hard way how difficult life can be. Sometimes the obstacles we face in life become overwhelming and we pray for the strength to persevere. After my medical discharge from the United States Army for an injury I sustained to my spine, my life was filled with one obstacle after the next. I lived a life of chronic pain, along with countless other life changing challenges that led me to begging God for help and a sign for what to do next. Through a much-needed change in perspective, I found His strength and guidance through the encounters I share in this book. God gave me no choice but to slow my life down enough to learn the “secrets” found within these pages. God gives us the tools we need to succeed in life, and He puts people in our lives for a reason, but He doesn’t always tell us where to find them.

My first book, Reflections from the Man in the Mirror, relives valuable lessons I learned from my closest family and friends. This book will share with you the life changing “secrets” I’ve learned from the people I least expected, complete strangers. Each chapter of this book is about an encounter with a stranger who truly changed my life through their words and actions. The simplest acts of kindness and compassion can have the most profound impact on the world. Mother Theresa wisely said, “We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” Well the people that I share with you in this book are a testament to exactly that.

Be kind, because you never know what someone else is going through. Most of the people in this book had no idea what I was going through when I met them, but their simple acts of kindness and inspiration changed my life forever. I share these stories with my readers to create hope, inspiration and strength. I firmly believe that my injury has provided me with a second chance at life because it has offered me the perspective I needed to find the strength to persevere. The “secrets” that I share in this book changed the way I see the world and have helped me turn my life into a tool to inspire the world!

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