Create Your Hero

Think back to your favorite childhood hero.  Whether it was a comic book super hero, an athlete, actor or actress, family member, etc.  What was it that you admired about that person?  Was it their wealth and prestige?  Was it the glory of being in the spotlight?  Was it the way they lived?  Was it a personality trait or the way they carried themselves?  Whatever it was, big or small, something drew you to them.  Something gave them that special place in your heart.  Something they did made a lasting impact on your life.  Who is you hero now?  Has it changed?  If so, why?  What value have they brought into your life?  Where would you be today without them?


Think about what kind of person you’d want by your side today and as life goes on.  What traits are important in the people we look up to: reliability, loyalty, commitment to hard work, focus, discipline, compassion?


Be that person.  Once you have identified the ideal traits of your hero, be your hero.  Replicate those traits in your life.  Once we identify the type of person we want by our side throughout the rollercoaster of life, we have the ability to be that person for someone else.  Why?  Because chances are, if we desire those traits in the people we look up to, someone else does to.  Integrate those traits into the framework of who you are and how you live your life.


We all need heroes in our lives.  When I was in the military, it was my friend Stan.  If you read my book, Reflections from the Man in the Mirror, you know why.  He was a rock star.  Physically, he was superhuman.  Mentally, he was strong and as loyal and reliable as they come.  Now, I strive every day to live the way he lived.  Surrounding ourselves with people who are better than us, gives us something to chase.  Being around him always made me want something better for myself and those who relied on me.  It allowed me to grow beyond my wildest dreams.


If we live our lives chasing our heroes, one day we will turn around and notice who has been chasing us.  When we live our lives to replicate our heroes, we begin living a life we never knew we were capable of because remember, it’s not just about where we go in life but who we are when we get there.



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