Second chances are more valuable

Sometimes the value we find in something is determined by how hard we worked to get it.  Not always, but sometimes.  That is why I believe second chances are so much more valuable than the first.


I have fought like hell for the second chances I have received in life.


Imagine pouring your heart and soul into something but falling short and looking up to see you have been provided another shot at it.  You now have the opportunity to readjust your approach and try again even harder.  The best part about a second chance is that we bring something to the table now.  We have tried one way and learned that it didn’t work.  If  provided that opportunity for a second chance, we now have the ability to adapt our approach and try again.


We don’t always get things right on the first try, and that’s ok.  We’re not supposed to.  That doesn’t mean we let up on the throttle.  Pour everything you have into everything you do and understand that sometimes you will fall short.  Life would be boring if we got everything right with the first chance.  We live and learn and adapt as we go.  Appreciate the value in every opportunity put in front of you.  Take nothing for granted.


Just like anything valuable, there will always be people who take them for granted.  Don’t let that be you.  We are not entitled to anything.  I would venture to say that most of the world doesn’t realize their importance of a second chance, but I do.  The military gave me a second chance at life and I will seize that opportunity full force.  What chances have you been given and what will you do with them?


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2 thoughts on “Second chances are more valuable

  1. I absolutely needed this today. It really got my wheels turning and forced me to think about how I will be doing things so differently in my life this second time around. I can now re-approach this new experience with fresh eyes from all I have learned from my past failures. Thank you for sharing this!!! Loved it.

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