Embrace the Suck

In the military, one of the most prominent phrases I heard and used was “embrace the suck”.  It was our way of laughing off all of the shitty circumstances we found ourselves in.  As a soldier, there is no benefit of complaining because it wouldn’t change anything. We all knew certain aspects of what we did, or where we were, sucked, but there was nothing left to do but embrace it.


Honestly, embracing the reality of what is, helped.  Sometimes in life that is all we can do.  Sometimes we don’t have control of our current circumstances but we just need to find a way to make it through.


Not everyone is a soldier and I understand that, but that doesn’t diminish the value of what I learned and how it can be incorporated into civilian life.  Life has rough patches and everything has the potential to be a learning experience, but sometimes we are happy to have just made it through.  I do believe that there is silver lining in everything and that is what helps us hold on in life’s toughest moments.


I’ve had days where my only goal is to make it until tomorrow.  Life can be too much at times, and that’s ok; it’s normal.  We all have those moments.  Just keep holding on.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Embrace the suck and come out the others side stronger for it.


Sometimes that is enough.  Set your sights on the stars and fight like hell to get there but always remember, any good fight takes work.  We all have rough patches along the way.  Surround yourself with good people.  Learn from whatever yesterday held and never give up.  Pour everything you have into everything you do, and just hold on.


Timothy A. Natale

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