Welcome the Critics!

Some people think I’m crazy because I welcome critics into my life with open arms!  Why?  Because they give me fuel that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  All I need is to hear someone tell me once that I can’t do something and it lights a fire under my ass like I couldn’t explain.  Tell me I’m not good enough and watch what happens.  Just tell me once that something I’m pursuing is out of my reach and I become that much more motivated to accomplish it.


Negative people are everywhere.  Negativity surrounds us.  You either let it swallow you whole or you re-purpose it as fuel.


I love a challenge.  That is when I thrive.  Stack the odds against me and then stand clear and let me do my thing.  That’s why I set goals that appear out of reach.  It breaks me out of my comfort zone.  It forces me to adapt as I go.


That is why I welcome critics in my life.  They are my reminder to keep going in pursuit of the unreachable.  They surface in the moments when we find traction in our journey to personal growth.


Bring the critics into your life.  Use their doubt as fuel.  Face the challenge head on and give them something to talk about.


Timothy A. Natale

Motivate.  Inspire.  Grow.

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