Good vs. Great

One of the most magnificent aspects of nature is that a single tree can continue to grow for hundreds of years.  A single seed can turn into a hundred-foot-tall tree.  The growth of that tree may slow down with time, but it never truly stops until the day it dies.  TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. requires us to look at life that very same way.  Despite knowing that one day we will die, we must live our lives with the desire to grow forever with the intention of leaving our legacy to grow on long after we are gone.


In order to do so we make room for growth in our lives.  You wouldn’t plant a tree expected to grow 100 ft. tall in a room with a 10 ft. ceiling, would you?  So why would we limit ourselves in life either?  Eliminate the limitations we set for ourselves and shoot for the stars.  Invest your heart and soul in everything you do and be passionate beyond measure.  Only then will we experience growth we never thought possible…

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