Fear Is Real

The old cliche that “fear is not real” has never sat well with me because I couldn’t disagree more.  Fear is very real and it’s everywhere.  It can accompany a lot of the obstacles that we face throughout our lives and make overcoming those obstacles that much more challenging.  Fear can bring even the strongest people to their knees but can also be molded into a powerful tool if we decide to face it head on.


What is your biggest fear?  Mine is the fear of letting down those who rely on me.  This fear likely stems from the unreliable lifestyle that I lived prior to the military but  regardless of its roots, that fear is real for me.  Its presence leaves me with a choice to make; do I allow it to hold me back or do I face it head on to find a way to beat it?


Fear is very real but its power lies in how we choose to let it impact our lives.  Does a fear of failure prevent us from trying or does it motivate us to try harder?  Whatever you fear is remember, it is not invincible.  It has a weakness too but you must be willing to find it.


Running from your fears only makes them stronger.  They wont stop chasing you so eventually you must stop and hold your ground.  I hate the thought of letting down those who rely on me but I use that fear to build my work ethic and reliability.  If I don’t want that fear to become reality than I must take the action to fight it.


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