The Best Day of Your Life!

Happiness truly is a choice.  With everything going on in our busy lives, we often lose sight of how true that is and spending time on our happiness somehow slides down our list of priorities.  We become overwhelmed with the chaos of life and our happiness gets pushed to the back of the line.  We do our best to carve out time in our day to make ourselves happy but should happiness really be a chore?  We only have one life to live.

Let’s try something new.  Think back to the best day of your life.  Take a moment and bring yourself back to that day.  Who was with you?  Where were you and what were you doing?  What made that day so special?

Now here’s the million dollar secret.  Recreate that day in your life today.  Piece by piece.  Small frequent changes to spend more time with the people who make you happy and not those who drag you down.  Doing more of the things you enjoy and less of what upsets you.  Making more of an effort to be in the environments that make you smile and not those which hold you back.

Most of you probably scoffed at this idea.  You likely thought to yourself that if it was that easy, you would have done it already.  Well, honestly it is that easy.  The problem is that we make it harder than it needs to be.  We decide to put ourselves last in line for attention and appreciation and we compromise our happiness to accommodate misplaced priorities.  We are the ones who decide what to do with our time.  We are the ones who prioritize our lives.  If we are unhappy then maybe our priorities need to be evaluated.  The stress of life will be there tomorrow.  We tell ourselves that whatever time is left at the end of our day, or week or year will be spent on our happiness but what is really left when we get there? Something else always seems to come up.

Life isn’t the all or none scenario where we are either happy or were not.  But our happiness is based on the choices we make.  Life is a constant choice that we must evaluate routinely to readjust our priorities as needed.

What sacrifices must we make to spend more time being happy?  Who do we need to spend more or less time with?  Where do we need to spend more time and what should we be doing more of?

I love to write and it makes me happy so I told myself I would write more.  Don’t wait until New Years to make these changes.  Start now and never stop.


Timothy A. Natale

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