The Sixth Principle: Heart and Soul

Motivate. Inspire. Grow.
Heart and Soul

We often find the greatest rewards in our toughest challenges. The final principle of TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. is a testament to exactly that. Investing your heart and soul in everything you do will open doors you never knew existed but that requires dedication, perseverance and passion. That caliber of investment and energy into the way we live our lives changes the dynamic entirely. It can be exhausting but it is what brings our wildest dreams within reach. It means we must invest every ounce of energy, motivation and focus into even the smallest details of our lives. That is where TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. exists.

I can still hear my father preaching about how important passion was as a core component of a successful life. He wasn’t just referring to being passionate about the parts of life I enjoyed, but all of it. Everything matters. He would preach about how important it was to take pride in everything I did. From yard work to sports, it was done with the same amount of pride and passion. That lesson was beyond life changing. The toughest lessons to learn generally are.

It didn’t mean I couldn’t mess up, as long as I could say that I gave it everything I had. We begin to realize potential we never knew we had when we invest ourselves whole heartedly in everything we do. We break through thresholds we never knew we had. We notice the world as we knew it changing before our eyes. When we take pride in even the smallest aspects of our lives, we change the game entirely.

Everything you have should be invested in everything you do. Especially in the moments when it’s hardest to.

Once you bring passion into your life, it takes over. You begin to set higher expectations for yourself and the lifestyle you live. You trust yourself more and you challenge yourself to reach higher levels. Others begin to follow in your footsteps and in turn, the world becomes a better place. Passion lies in the deepest parts of our heart and soul and holds the key to unlocking our true potential.

Timothy A. Natale

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