I don’t want to fit in.

I spent the better portion of my teenage years like so many others trying to fit in with the crowd.  I chased the newest trends and as they changed, so did I.  I wanted approval from my peers and I wanted to be right in the middle of the crowd.  Now I want the exact opposite.  What changed?  I realized the value in being unique.

I realized that I don’t want to fit in.  I don’t want to be like the others.  I want others to want to be like me.  I live my life to make a difference.  I pursue what sets my soul on fire.  I trust my heart.  I am not afraid to fail.  I want to stand out front and have others follow in my foot steps.  Not because I think I’m special but because I want to start my own trend.  When things get tough, I want to be the one people turn to.

I don’t want to conform to the norm.  I want to be different.  So different in fact that I stick out and draw attention.  Why?

I don’t like what I see when I turn on the news.  I don’t like what our society has become.  I don’t want to be part of it.  I want to be part of the change.  Better yet, I want to lead the change.  Complaining has it’s time and place but that time has passed for me.  I don’t want to fit in because I want to draw attention to the need for change.  Both in society and our individual lives.

Some of you will think I am crazy.  Some of you hopefully will follow in my foot steps because fitting in is overrated.  Fitting in masks our originality and being original is what makes life so exciting.

Be who you are make your own crowd to fit into.  Give people something to follow and love life while you’re doing it.


Timothy A. Natale

Motivate.  Inspire.  Grow.


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