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As individuals, we allow the world around us to decide our personal value for us.  Webster’s dictionary defines value as the relative worth, utility, or importance of a good.  In this case, we are the good.


We identify our value by setting expectations for how we deserve to be treated,  who deserves our time and energy, what is worth our time and focus and our ability to remain firm in the expectations we set for ourselves and others.  That value remains the same unless we allow ourselves or others to depreciate it.


For some reason we are inclined to depreciate our own personal value as the world fails to meet the expectations we set.  As people treat us poorly, our instincts tell us we must be worth less if we are treated that way instead of realizing we are allowing them to do so.  We assume that if our initial expectations are not met immediately, they never will be.  If people don’t appreciate the value we set for ourselves then we must not be that valuable, right?  WRONG!


We are only as valuable as we believe ourselves to be.  We attract people, places and things that can afford the value we set for ourselves.  As we lower our expectations to accommodate others, we depreciate our value.  Remain firm in what you believe your worth to be.  We either become more or less valuable as time goes on. It’s up to us to decide.


One of the worst mistakes we can make is to allow the outside world dictate and determine our value.  As individuals, we must be willing to identify our worth and remain firm in the expectations we set in order to maintain that value.  It will be difficult, but it will be worth it.


If people in our lives are not realizing or appreciating our value, it’s because we haven’t truly given them the opportunity to.  Be confident in your value. Know your worth. The rest will follow.

Timothy A. Natale


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