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Countless times in my life I’ve looked back at my past and wondered how much different my life would be if I knew then what I know now.  If I knew how important school was, I would have tried harder.  If I knew how certain people would treat me, I wouldn’t have trusted them the same way.  If I had the wisdom I have now, I wouldn’t have made the same mistakes.


However, despite how many times these thoughts have filled my head, I wouldn’t trade my past for the world.  It has made me the man I am today.  We can spend all day wondering how different our lives would be if only we knew then what we know now.  As great as a time machine may be, it doesn’t exist.  And until it does, we won’t have the opportunity to go back and change our past.


It’s easy to look back and ponder all the “what ifs”.  It’s easy to wish that we didn’t go through what we went through, but we did.  Nothing in our past is a waste unless we are unwilling to learn from it.


The only reason we know what we know now is because of what we went through.  Our experiences have molded us into who we are now.  Our knowledge is unique to our past and our willingness to learn from it.  We live and learn as we go.  We have to give ourselves credit for how far we’ve come.  We have climbed mountains that seemed impossible.  We have dug ourselves out of holes that appeared inescapable.  We found a way to get where we are today and have grown stronger through that process.


Surround yourself with great people.  Love beyond limits.  Pour passion in everything you do, and learn from yesterday.


Believe it or not, life is that simple.  We can’t blame ourselves for who we were yesterday unless we refuse grow from it.


Timothy A. Natale


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