Some People Just Suck…

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One of the toughest challenges we face in life is how to deal with shitty people.  There really is no other way to describe certain people other than to keep it simple –  some people really do just suck.

Whether it’s school, work, sports, etc. there they are.  There will always be people in our lives who choose to live a lifestyle of negativity and dysfunction, and it will drag us down with them if we let it.

This sucks because we can’t escape it.  We either face it head on or let it tear us down.  Negativity is toxic and spreads like wildfire.  It sucks to admit that some people live for no purpose other than their own personal interests.  We have the right to stand our ground and not have to accommodate negativity, but that leaves us with a choice to make; will we let it bring us down?  Will we give up the controls to our personal happiness?

This is why self reflection is so important.  We must be able to identify when negativity surrounds us at no fault of our own.  We must be able to brush it off with the understanding that not everyone shares our outlook on life and/or our core values.

Some people make life harder then it needs to be, but that’s their choice to make.  Some people live a life we don’t understand but that’s ok because it’s their life to live.  That is what makes us different; the ability to choose how we live our lives.  We don’t have to understand someone else’s choices or personality to be happy, we just need to understand our own.

If we can’t escape certain people than learn from them.  We can learn something from everything and everyone with the right mindset.


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