It’s Easy to Blame Others

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It is easy to cast blame when things don’t go our way.  We blame everything around us when we are not in the position we want to be in throughout life.  Especially those of us in my generation who have embraced this mentality that if we fall, it must be because someone else tripped us.  We struggle to accept the true value that self-accountability can bring to our lives.

I myself, lived in this mentality for far too long.  Why?  Because it’s easier to blame others than it is to accept responsibility!

It’s hard to accept that the only way to change the direction of our life is to identify the need to, and our control over that process.  It’s hard to accept that as humans, we are imperfect beings.  Nobody likes to apologize, especially to ourselves.  It’s hard to accept that some people get through parts of life faster than others.  It’s hard to admit that some people have more privileges and opportunities than others.  Some people are born with more talent than others which means we may have to work harder, but so what?  Success for those who put in the work holds that much more value!

What’s the solution?  Start taking responsibility for the good and bad in our lives.  Pat ourselves on the back for how much we have accomplished, and be willing to identify areas where we need to improve.  One day at a time.


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