The First Principle of TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H.

Motivate. Inspire. Grow.


G. Good People:

The first step towards development and growth comes with the understanding that life is the ultimate team sport. Surround yourself with good people and the opportunities are endless. As we create aspirations for our future, we must identify those who will help keep us on our path. As strong as we believe we are as individuals, we are exponentially stronger together.

Whether we are running a business, are a member of an organized team, an employee of a company, or are setting goals as an individual, we cannot accomplish what we’ve set out to do alone. Our capabilities grow like weeds when we embrace the critical nature of a support network and a strong team.

We live in a society where critics are around every corner. Obstacles are piled in front of us and we all experience moments when we doubt ourselves. This is when good people come in to lift us up in our weakest moments and most importantly, to share in our greatest accomplishments!

Surrounding ourselves with good people is the first step in TRUE G.R.O.W.T.H. because it gives us the strength we need to face any obstacle put in our path and to chase our wildest dreams.

Whatever vision you have for yourself and your life, make sure it includes those you couldn’t live without. Build a support network that will propel your towards whatever it is that sets your soul on fire!

Remember, we choose who we spend our time with. It’s our choice to decide if we want to surround ourselves with people who want to see us succeed or prey on our failures.

There is a reason why I surround myself with people who are smarter than me. If we are around people who are smarter than us, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn. When we submerge ourselves into environments outside of our comfort zone, we maximize the potential for growth. If we surround ourselves with good people who challenge us to become better, we are held accountable outside of just ourselves.


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