You only get one shot at right now

The stress from yesterday is behind you and the stress for tomorrow has yet to come. Live in the moment because no matter how hard you try you will never get it back.

Life is too short to dwell on yesterday. There is no point worrying about tomorrow when you have to make it past today first. Simply moving forward is the true key to success but that means the steps we take now matter most. Not yesterdays and not tomorrows. Right now.

Do we let the fear of failure hold us back? Do we spend every moment worrying about the uncertain?  Are we willing to waste today doing anything less than everything we’ve ever wanted?

One of the scariest parts about life is knowing that not every step we take will be in the right direction. Roadblocks and mistakes are inevitable but those mistakes allow us to learn and alter our path.  To grow stronger and create a better game plan to accomplishing whatever we set our minds on.

Live and learn, love what you do, surround yourself with good people and pour every ounce of your heart and soul into EVERYTHING you do.  Life isn’t as complicated as we make it but what matters most is what we choose to do now.  Where will your next steps lead?

Timothy A. Natale

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