Live in the uncomfortable

Instincts can be our greatest weakness if we let them.  I firmly believe you need to face your instincts head on with the sole intention of reframing them if you have any hope of using them to your advantage.

Our instincts are what come naturally to us – or better yet, what come easiest to us. Our instincts tell us to choose the path of least resistance and to avoid confrontation. They  tell us to give up when things get tough or stop going our way and to live a life of comfort.  Excuse my language but f*** that!

I lived that way for too long. I came to realize that the only way to grow and realize our true potential is to make ourselves uncomfortable.  Set goals that the thought of make you uncomfortable. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations to break out of your normal routine.  Think about your future in a way that makes you feel comfortable…then double it.  Chase something that seems so far out of reach that the rest of the world wouldn’t even bother trying for it.

Life is too short to live in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself beyond your wildest dreams and you know what? I hope you fail. I hope you second guess your ability to achieve what you set out to do.  Then I hope you get back up and keep fighting for whatever you told yourself was too far away. Life isn’t meant to be easy.  Sometimes we may not make it all the way to where we wanted to go but that’s ok.  If you set your sights on the stars you will have something to chase for the rest of your life.  You will make it farther then you ever thought possible and the best part is…it’s contagious.  People will begin to follow every step you take.  It will light a fire in their soul when they watch you soar…

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